What you should know about led road signs?


a Modern road signs are installed on the Russian roads recently. Such products are considered to be more advantageous and preferable option in comparison to traditional standard marks that are quite difficult to see at night. Led road signs are characterized by practicality and provide a timely opportunity to inform all pedestrians and drivers in terms of half or poor visibility.

in Addition to today's traffic signs with LEDs include the perspective change reflected on them. This can occur in any of the following methods:

  • through the computer equipment connected via the special control cable;
  • the
  • through the use of switches, which are located on the rear of the panel.
  • the
  • with the use of a solar panel array.

Purpose led road signs

the use of led road signs is not limited by the designation of the specific highway and traffic rules. Such products are also required during the realization of repair works on the road, and they are often set with the intention of indicate the beginning or the end of cities and villages. However, it should be said that the most important aim of these pointers is considered to be the best men warning about potentially unsafe areas with a high rate of car accidents. Also, it has now gained wide popularity and demand for advertising banners, cross street banners and billboards, created on the basis of LEDs.


Features of production technology of traffic signs with LEDs

the Most simple modifications of led signs is made of metallic materials and are mounted on special racks. In certain situations, these signs can also be placed on the wires or on columns. Installation method should be selected, taking into account ensuring the best clarity and maximum comfort for motorists.

described For the manufacture of traffic symbols are used only high quality metal, whose surface is applied a special protective anti-corrosive coating. Body part is created from galvanized steel raw material and glued with the anti-glare film. In the form of power source you can use the standard battery, but if necessary, the product suggests the possibility of functioning from electricity.

Through the use of SpectraLine and durable components such structures are characterized by a high level of durability and lifespan. Practice shows that the installation of such signs reduces the number of road accidents and to reduce the risk of accidents.

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