Six ways to improve your English


There are lots of short interactive activities that will help you practice and improve your level of English. Every action (reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary) focuses on a different language.

activity designed for use on mobile devices, so you can practice English both at home and on the go, using even a few spare minutes. Make regular practice of English language habit, doing short 5-10 minute sessions every day.


Find the right activity for you

it is Important to choose learning activities at the proper level. If the activity is too difficult, it may be to demoralize people. Also, if he stays in his comfort zone, progress will be slower. By the way, to see the level of knowledge of the English language .


Improve your writing skills

Improving writing skills in English will help you to succeed. Elementary level students can practice the use of words and phrases to build longer sentences and connect their ideas. Students more advanced level can practice linking words and discourse markers to structure their writing.


Improve your reading skills

Reading books, articles and scientific publications is an important part of any training course.


Improve your listening skills

students of the University should follow what is said in lectures and participate in seminars. Practice hearing the main arguments, views and opinions of the speaker.


Improve your pronunciation

Develop your confidence when you answer or ask questions in the seminars.


Improve your grammar and vocabulary

Continue to update their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. This will help you to create clear and boost your confidence when using English language.

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