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Many of us have seen in numerous television series, which packs all the time shown on TV, someone inherits from a stranger to him a man whom he had not even heard of. So, the writers of such television series and comes close to the original, and most importantly - real stories. Next, we look at some of the amazing stories, which almost no one has heard.

Aristocrat Portugal bequeathed a legacy in the telephone directory

Louis Carlos de Noronha Kabale where Camara decided to bequeath their property in an unusual way. Louis Carlos just taking a normal phone directory- Chose seventy names and bequeathed it to strangers equal share of their inheritance. All these people aristocrat really picked at random, and then the way he has lived for 13 years. Now imagine the reaction of those lucky, after a call in which AI reported that they had received an inheritance.

ItNote: Portuguese writing wills is very rare, and aristocrats with "blue" blood in Portugal there are not so many, and plus to all this people chose via telephone directory. Well, just a script for a TV series.

Homeless got a hundred million euros

Two homeless brothers, do nothad a penny, but got as many as one hundred million euros. Homeless people living in Budapest and earned his bread by selling different stuff that they found on the streets. But then the incredible happened: these strangers came and told them that they had received 100 million Euros in the inheritance.

It turned out that they died babushka that Zhylan in Germany and they have not even heard. As the mother of the brothers had a far better relationship with his family, then they knew nothing about his origins, besides their parents died early. As a result, after my grandmother died, her legacy got brothers and their sister, who lives in the United States (mostall, are not the best life).

Moldovan students received about 1 billion euros from his uncle, with whom he talked about 10 years

Sergey Studio likely made his uncle very good impression during their 1st meeting. On so many good things that dyadI decided to bequeath his vast fortune to his nephew. So one day to Sergei knocked some people, and told him about it. At first, Sergey not even believe them. Well, when I realized, then, most likely, was in seventh heaven.

By the way, Sergey studio - Moldovans and Moldova (Transnistria and Moldova) AverageI salary is somewhere 300 euros, and then he - a simple student got a billion!

The richest Asian gave all that she had, in exchange for the promise of an afterlife

And there was all this: Nina Wang, who died in 2007 from cancer, left a legacy of the master of feng - shui Tony Chenect your multimilyardny capital. You may ask: what did this mercy? And for what Tony Chan Nina Wang promised afterlife. That is billionaire family has not received a penny, and all the money went master of feng - shui.
However, business lady had no children, so it's not so bad. Testament was written 2 years afterTony Chan was diagnosed with cancer.

The waitress from the US received 500 thousand dollars

17 year old Kara Wood of the United States in 1992, she worked as a waitress in a small town. Her work has been satisfied as a guide and restaurant customers. But most of all was pleased with an elderly man who had dinner dailyin this restaurant.

Bill Krakston - was the name of an old man, very much made friends with Kara, and she began to help the old man around the house, bought his products. The old man was a widower and had no children. As a result, Mr. Krakston good girl bequeathed all his money (and it is a little more than 500 thousand dollars). It's not very INRsecond, compared to the previous case, but whatever it was, the money for the girls were clearly not redundant. The good news is that a good man still was rewarded.

Maybe someone of you know well, and other interesting stories about, then write in comments .

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