Life, life and death of ancient Atlantis


According to one version, the Orthodox and we pogovorim in the first part of the article, the physical superiority of the Atlanteans over the modern man gave them greater opportunities to work. Their growth has reached considerable size. The body had an elongated shape, broad shoulders. The anatomy was a bit different from the modern inhabitants of the planet. Atlanta, in contrast to other known peoples were distinguished by their longevity. They had a deep intuitive and telepathic abilities and was sensitive to the world around us. Perhaps in this way the islanders could communicate with the inhabitants of other planets and understand their priceless experience.

These skills were useful to them also in the exact Sciences, in which they also succeeded. The giants have mastered the laws of physics and mathematics, sozdavat in mechanical devices with incredible abilities.

the description of the philosophers, the population of Atlantis was of two types. Their skull had a narrow shape and was elongated. The brain was greater than the volume of the body of modern man. Typical was a massive chin, large cheekbones and straight teeth. The men were larger than the female population. In General terms, the Atlanteans were very similar to us. So we present the first view of the ancient inhabitants of the lost state. The second lived in a mountain area and a little different from peers. Since they were mostly used in the industry, this occupation was reflected in their appearance. They have a more athletic figure, formidable appearance and dark skin. While Atlanta had a wonderful sense of humor.

Atlantis was located in warm climates, so the clothing of the locals was simple. These are light, loose robes, which differed little from male and female population. His feet were covered by light sandals. They loved long and voluminous hair, because they believed that hair is the main energy source. Over time, ideas about appearance began to change, and Atlanta chose to adorn themselves with jewelry made of precious metals.

the Movement of people for reasons unknown to the South-West led to the emergence of warm clothes and fur shoes. In the closet there were shirts, pants, jackets, long skirts, hats and more. etc.

As you can see, Atlanta was very funny and mysterious people. We all look forward to new facts about their existence. In the meantime, we can only believe in the information that is brought to us by the ancient sages who were interested in the mystery of a mighty civilization.

But what was it really?!

However, according to the latest data presented in the documentary "" it was much grittier and sadder than draw us Orthodox historians, the island nation was flooded with evil perpetrated for many centuries, so the outcome was obvious. The film is a must see, because it makes to much to look at from a different angle.

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