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Your kids love to throw your soccer ball down the stairs, watching him beat off from the wall? Will be very good if they doesn't hurt anybody and nothing will break that way. Change the soccer ball to a balloon and let your kids experiment with gravity less destructive way. Balloons are great fun for any child. Their purchase can create a whole new twist to their games. By the way, you can buy them in online store BallonShop, which provides free delivery around Moscow and Moscow region when ordering in the amount of 5 tees. the Roubaix. Itself you can place the order online or by phone: 8 (499) 755-81-70.

balloon great for games because it can replace the ball, but he is more flexible and easier. Due to its unique physical characteristics, the quality of traffic you'll be in the air because it does not affect gravity. This is useful because its slow motion can even help to improve the patience of your kids.

2 game for kids, where balloons are used:


Word balloon

Children do not need fancy toys to have fun during the game. In fact, their creativity flourishes when they are given a large empty cardboard box or a balloon. The more problems they encounter, the more learning and experiences will be. Catch the balloon with a funnel - fun, easy activity for kids. Here is how to play.

To play you will need:

  1. Inflatable balls;
  2. Kitchen funnels (one for each player).

the Essence of the game:

Inflate 1 balloon per player. Each player throws the balloon into the air and then catch it in the mouth of their funnel, and then to throw in the air again and catch it without using the 2nd (spare) hand. Each catch is worth 1 point. If a player uses his free hand or the balloon touches the ground, they start from scratch. The first player who gets 10 or 20 or 100 - you grivet! The game can be modified to be easier for younger players. For example, they get a certain number of touches before you lose your points, or you can use both hands.


table tennis

Your children 100% to like to hit the balloon towards each other - luckily, getting a balloon will cause only laughter, and not screams, as is the case with the ball. It is nothing but ping-pong with a balloon instead of a shuttlecock.

To play you will need:

  1. paper plates
  2. tape;
  3. stick it
  4. the balloon.

the Essence of the game:

Securely mount the stick on the back side of the paper plate to form the racket. Inflate a balloon and put tape on the ground, it will serve you mesh. Next, children should hit the balloon so that it flew in the 2nd half of the grid . They can hit him only 1 time and if they do not or the balloon touches the ground, then the other person earns a point. The winner is the first man, who scored 15 points. To play for fun, just let the kids hit the ball rackets - without any conditionalities.

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