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In the Center of the independent auditors of any entity in your business or organization can order the service to conduct analysis of the financial activities of the enterprise. One of the most popular areas of activity of the company is conducted on a voluntary basis. This solution will allow you to save as on the staff (accounting) and further problems with the legislative bodies of the country. Represented the company aims to provide quality audit services that will help to verify the compliance of financial statements with the real situation in the organization.

as a result, you will get a competent and accurate analysis of the current situation. We also draw your attention to all the found errors, inaccuracies and point out possible options to address them. It is important to check the activities of the enterprise and financial reporting for compliance with the standards and requirements of the current legislation. Otherwise in the future you are unlikely to avoid the problems that may cause the accrual of large fines, unaffordable for the budget of the organization.

the Audit also involves the search of variants and ways of solving problems that were discovered in the audit. This approach will significantly reduce costs and increase productivity. Independent audit is a service to provide expert assessment of the financial situation of the organization. Such a test may trigger a user or business owner who want to learn about the risks, problems and solutions, to avoid extraordinary tax audits.

the result of the check the client receives:

    a report in writing, which will contain information about the real financial position of the firm, the shortcomings, inaccuracies, and ways of solving existing problems. The information obtained will help to avoid penalties, which are inevitable in case of tax audits;

    the auditor's report.

the Restoration of the accounting and the scope of the independent audit

it is Worth noting that - this is another service provided by the Centre for independent auditors.

Mandatory audit is an analysis of the company experienced made to the SRO and is included in the list of auditors on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The independent auditor is your reliable assistant and an experienced consultant who will help to eliminate risks and increase the efficiency of the company. That is why this service is becoming more popular.

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