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"Pinskdrev" is the Belarusian furniture of the highest quality

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Pinskdrev is the leading Belarusian woodworking enterprise producing mattresses, Cabinet and upholstered furniture, matches, plywood, etc. and supplying its products in 130 countries.

Today the factory is a furniture manufacturer 1 in Belarus and appears to be a real benchmark of quality + its like to buy products on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and all thanks to the highest quality, exquisite and unique color, as well as the attractiveness of the finished products.

Attractive interior helps to create inside a cozy, positive atmosphere. All rooms in apartments and private homes must be filled with beauty, joy, and light, and to achieve this effect is possible only due to proper choice of decor items, furniture and other nuances.

of Course, in addition to the visual component plays an important role in the quality of most of products.

the Company Pinskdrev in Krasnodar: currently is offering their potential customers with high-quality, modern and trendy furniture that can become a real decoration of any room.

Factory Pinskdrev boasts 135 years of history and for such a long period it has experienced a lot of UPS and downs. But failure only spurred its owners to further development. Pinskdrev is now well known all over the world, because here, as many years ago, adhere to the highest quality standards, responsibly perform their jobs and, as a result, create truly unique, luxurious furniture.

the Employees are able to implement any whim of the client without exception. So if you don't want to buy standard furniture at the nearest salon, then you should contact Pinskdrev and tell them about their ideas about the future of the bedrooms, living room, kitchen or any other room. In the end, you will receive a unique, upscale furniture that will be a real highlight of your premises.

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