5 good reasons not to skimp on the liquids for electronic cigarette

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Many novice vapers at first trying to save money on fluid. Usually it's just the students, but there are situations where the man immediately took an expensive mod and the atomizer and a little miscalculated the budget. In this article we will discuss objective reasons why it is better to avoid liquids, the value of which is below the average market price.

Reasons why you should not buy cheap liquids for vaping:

  1. Cheap liquids have a much lower quality. Logically, the cheaper the fluid, the lower its cost. But if the cost is low, and the quality of components from which it is made is disgusting. In such instances, you can come across the wrong proportion of components, poor quality propylene glycol and glycerin, diluted flavors.
  2. You'll be more likely to change the coils, or a rewind tank. In some liquids to create a taste illusion can be used flavor enhancers, with the result that you will be very pleased with the taste, but exactly to the moment as the tank evaporate one. During the subsequent hovering will have a burning taste, which means it's time for the evaporator in the trash.
  3. Periods of storage are not true. On the labels of most branded liquids enter the same expiration date, and he is only 1 year, because of which components are made fluid designed for it. In liquids with low cost shelf life in 5 or even 10 times lower. Besides when you buy new fluid, no one knows how long she was standing in the warehouse, maybe her shelf life has long expired, and the label simply re-stuck.
  4. the Discrepancy between the doses of nicotine. The nicotine content in liquid is one of the most important parameters. It's one thing if it adds less than should you just quickly particularly naparah, but quite another if it will be more. Also low quality of nicotine may reduce the shelf life and to radically change the color of the liquid.
  5. the Presence of foreign components. We have already mentioned about the enhancers, but in addition they also add other substances that can have unpredictable effects on you and your electronic cigarette.

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