The Airshow in Zhuhai has officially unveiled the first mock-up CR929


Not so long ago at the air show held in Zhuhai in the Russian aircraft manufacturing company and China's civil aviation industry was able to present the layout of the joint development. This is a full-size mock CR929 long-haul model that has the design of a wide fuselage.

Due to the fact, that the staff was able to create a layout identical to the dimensions of the real plane, guests were able to get acquainted with where will be located the business class seats, and where are the economy class seats. Given the opportunity the organizers of the show to review in detail and the cockpit that made the present furor. The size of the future aircraft all impressed, since the height is 6 meters and the length as 22 meters. Width is also not less impressive because it reaches almost six metres. In each of the compartments of the aircraft assumes a different number of seats. Thus:

  • To the first class will have just two rows of seats;
  • the
  • Business class will be equipped with three rows of seats;
  • the
  • But in economy class will be placed already four rows of passenger seats.

the Passengers during the flight will not be bored, because the designers have integrated more and the most innovative entertainment system. The interior design was decorated in a modern Russian style mixed with traditional Chinese motifs.

Through full-size mockup model will be able to see not only potential customers, but also future passengers. Aircrafts that belong to the same classes will not be able to provide passengers of economy class is so comfortable, that displays a new model of joint development on a completely different level. The Board guides and the crew will be able to appreciate the free space in the cockpit and most convenient location of all control systems.

As reported by the chief designer with the Russian side, all the design is only at the stage of sketches. Companies are looking for suppliers of quality equipment and components for future models of the aircraft. All selections and tenders will be completed in 2019. Currently the company is negotiating with NGOs ERG that will deliver for the enterprise . Once suppliers are selected, make design adjustments, and after approval, the model will go to mass.

Main Department for development and designing will be located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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