The advantages of vinyl laminate flooring

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Vinyl come a very long way since the beginning of the century. With the latest levels of printing and photographic technology vinyl now has a makeup similar to a real wood or stone. So, why go through all these problems with technology, let us look at just what are the main advantages of this luxury floor covering, as .


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In fact, there are many advantages of vinyl flooring:

  • In the previous century vinyl was primarily used for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms of the house, where there was water, other moisture, and dirt due to its resistance to such. Now vinyl is used everywhere, not only for protection from water and dirt, but also through its stability and durability. In the living room almost every vinyl floor can last more than 20 years. And this directly means the absence of sanding and varnishing for a long time.
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  • Vinyl is also known for the fact that it is easy to maintain and clean. All that is required is regular and periodic cleaning.
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  • Vinyl laminate produced in the form of wood or stone, including marble, travertine and slate. This coating has a slightly softer surface than wood and tile floors. This softer surface provides greater flexibility, which simplifies the work for a long time.
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  • installation Options. Vinyl laminate flooring can be installed directly on top of any floor, including an existing linoleum or tile floor. This is a great choice for floors with cracks or other damage. Some luxury vinyl coverings have a built-in or a tape system which does not require any adhesive.
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  • in addition, luxury vinyl floorings are inexpensive compared to real wood or real tile floors. So, essentially, you get the best of both worlds; superior floor with realistic wood and stone look that comes with all the benefits of vinyl. No wonder why luxury vinyl has become a trendsetter.

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