Finding the best dresser for your home


choosing the right chest - this is very important as each item of clothing has its own size and should be placed in different departments. Next, we consider when it is better to use short and when the high chest and tell us about this employee online store that you can buy in Ukraine for affordable price.

Use short or small chest if:

  • Top do You need a mirror. If your space does not allow to place a full-sized mirror, or you want your bedroom to seem larger.
  • It functions as an entertainment stand. Use a short chest of 3 drawers or console for clothes and save the upper portion for use as an entertainment console, where you can set the TV or stereo.
  • You will use it as a dresser. Short, broad chests can serve as bedside tables with more than enough space for storage.

Select high chest if:

  1. space Saving. High chests of drawers with smaller spatial size save square meters and can be used on awkward, not so wide bedroom walls, close to doors, between Windows, or even in the corners.
  2. You need less space for storage. As a rule, high chests less storage space than wide.
  3. are You looking for symmetry. Pair of high drawers, one on each side of the bedroom, balancing the visual weight in the room.

Tips for styling chest:

  • Use the upper part of the Cabinet to display and store all the things - boxes of jewels, perfumes, art work, etc. Just keep it simple and avoid clutter.
  • Configure and stilisierte your chest with the equipment. Some dressers can be supplied with custom sets of equipment, while others just have bold jewelry or drawers.
  • Put some mirrors, photos, or illustrations on your chest to create a personalized wall gallery that you love.
  • Add natural elements to bring life into the bedroom. Place a small potted plant or vase with fresh flowers on your dresser.
  • Use the lamp on the dresser to add the soft bedroom lighting.

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