Cracks on the screen of the smartphone: What to do?


Cracked screens of smartphones and iPhones is not news today. Unfortunately, many accidents can lead to such unpleasant situations. In order to avoid further problems it is necessary to understand what to do when you find these cracks or at the time of their receipt.

If you have cracks on the screen, you must first assess how big the damage. You may be able to use the gadget with a small cracks which are not too much in the way of work, but with large cracks, you should immediately contact the experts. If the colors on the screen dramatically changed or some pixels no longer appear, the damage is much more serious (for more details, visit the website < / span>). So what should you do in such situations?

Save all the important information

Initially, we recommend that you create a backup copy of all necessary information in the phone memory, not to lose precious photos and other files. The damage on the screen can have more serious consequence, which you will need to take your phone in for repair.

Find out whether you have warranty on your phone

Warranty usually doesn't cover accidental damage, so you are unlikely to get a free repair on a cracked screen. However, the manufacturer of your smartphone can offer paid repair instead. It is better that the specialist has examined the whole phone, because he obviously knows what is best for the devices produced by his company. For more information refer to the website of the manufacturer. Remember that if your manufacturer does offer a repair, it will probably cost much less than other services.

you Can also use a service that has been repairing phones

There are many services that can fix a broken phone, but make sure that you have selected the item, the staff learned what to do. It is also important to note that some manufacturers void the warranty if it's fabricated third-party repair organization. This means that if you have serious problems in the future and you try to send them back to the manufacturer, they refuse to replace or repair the gadget.

whether it is Possible to independently perform the repair?

This decision is a risky option, but it can be done if you are confident enough and qualified enough to repair electronics. It is not recommended to even try to do it, if you have any doubt, because you can cause even more damage.

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