3 benefits of using branded paper cups

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Great disposable Cup is not only a great container for such beverage as coffee. It can also serve as a powerful marketing channel for your business which will help to attract more customers, sell more coffee and receive more income. Actually, the design of your disposable coffee cups can have a number of significant advantages for your business. Below we list the most important of them.


free advertising

did You ever wonder how Starbucks has become the giant he is today? In the first years of the existence of a small coffee chain in Seattle was one of the first who added individual branding in their cups, which facilitates the passers-by to associate the drink with their brand.

When you add a logo, tagline, color scheme and other branding in their disposable , you turn any product you sell, in a moving mobile advertising for your business.

It represents your brand to hundreds of people every time a customer walks through the Mall with your drink in hand.

in Short, branded coffee acts as a mobile Billboard for your cafe that helps you to create a huge visibility without the cost of regular banners, billboards and other visual advertising.


Encourage repeat purchases from existing customers

have You ever noticed the empty coffee Cup on his Desk and suddenly felt the urge to drink another one? This is a real phenomenon, and when your brand is on the desktop client, there's a good chance he will visit your caf?.

Brand paper cups not only serve as a form of free marketing to attract the attention of new customers - they can also act as free advertising for your cafe with existing customers, helping you to once again invite customers on a regular Cup of coffee.

In the world of branding repetition is everything. Adding your logo on their disposable cups, you can increase the replication factor and turn your cafe into something more than just another place to drink coffee .


Strengthen the brand and business identity

In the competitive world of coffee, branding is of paramount importance. Creating a coffee shop as an option for local residents, workers and passers-by, and you will receive a constant flow of sales and customers that can help your business grow.

Not paying attention to the development of the brand, your business will flourish, even with the best coffee in the region.

Branding your disposable cups helps you to develop your TM is that people, obazatelno remember. By placing your logo, branding and message front and center of your product, customers are much more likely to remember your cafe, returning for repeat visits and recommend it to your friends.

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