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If you are going to pack for the weekend, business trip or long trip, don't forget to take with you . It will help to keep your shoes clean, while protecting the rest of your Luggage from dirt that may stick to the sole. It is also useful to organize and store shoes in the closet when you return home. Next, we examine the most popular models of Shoe bags.


Tuff Guy Travel

It is suitable to maintain your cherished sneakers in good shape when you're on the road. It is also a good solution for long-term storage for the shoes that you frequently wear. In addition to everything, Travel Tuff Guy and even very affordable.


Red Blossom Silk Jacquard

If your sense of style draws you to the elegant and colorful color, try Red Blossom Silk Jacquard. It is made from beautiful fabric which is decorated with elegant flower pattern, and has a smooth lace closure that facilitates rapid and easy access.


Zmart Portable

Portable Zmart comes in set of 5 PCs. Each element has a distinct color, allowing you to create a system of color-coding for your shoes. Although the embroidery on them is not the best, but their cost is surprisingly low.


Cosmos Dual Drawstring

Although most travelers don't take 10 pairs of shoes, some the more the better. Easy 10 subject Cosmos Dual Drawstring is a perfect choice for those who can't leave the extra pair of shoes at home. In addition, you can choose one of 4 colors.


Misslo Portable Nylon

4 ultra-protected Misslo Portable Nylon open by zipper, which provides quick and easy access to your favorite shoes. Made of waterproof fabric, they are ideal for those who are worried about the dangers of moisture.


Travel Gadgeteer

Simple but reliable, Travel Gadgeteer can easily accommodate most men's shoes, sneakers, etc., and has a transparent window so you could see what is inside. It is necessary for the modern traveller.


Dot Dot Packing System

packing System Dot Dot has an internal lining, which you can place between the shoes, to prevent them from scratching each other, and also has a fine mesh panel that prevents loose debris in the Luggage.


Bagsmart Tote

Smooth appearance Bagsmart bag Tote makes it ideal for professionals. Its front pocket provides quick access to small items.


Adidas 3-Stripe

It system with open top provides easy access and allows you to hide the shoes faster than any other options. As it is well ventilated, it also wards off foot odor.

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