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When your child goes to school, his backpack becomes an important part of his daily life. The school bag stays with him from morning till night, and carries his school supplies, books, water and food.

As children to some extent tie their backpacks with their individuality in school, many of them prefer cool school bags that highlight their interests and style. By the way, in the Internet-shop you can buy quality school bags WinMax, which is exactly like your child.

If the choice school bags to treat with neglect, the child may have problems with the spine. According to a study published in the Journal orthopedics , the majority of the 3500 students who took part in it, reported back pain related to the weight of their school bags.

remember, choosing a good school bag for your child? What are the signs of back injury / injuries that you need to pay attention to your child? How do you treat a child with a back injury as a result of continuous wearing of heavy school bag?


Heavy, poorly fitted school bags and health problems

ill-fitting school bag can lead to uneven weight distribution and excessive contact pressure in the wrong places. In addition, too heavy backpack can cause excessive contact pressure, as well as bring the child out of balance. This forces the child to compensate for this, preventing the load and increasing the load on the spine and core muscles.

More health problems caused by too heavy school bag, include rounding of the shoulders and a distortion of the natural curves in the middle and lower back. This can cause muscle pain and inflammation of the chest and the joints of the spine.

a Heavy backpack can also pull the neck muscles, causing pain in the lower back, shoulder, headache and / or pain in the arm and neck.

More problems with your back and spine can occur if your child is inclined to carry your backpack on only one shoulder. Medical experts claim that this causes an uneven weight on the body of your child, forcing him to strain the muscles to carry this weight.

What happens when wearing a heavy backpack using only one shoulder is the fact that the spine bends in the opposite direction, which in turn stretches the middle back, ribs and lower back on one side of the body more than the other.

Short-term problems arising from this imbalance, there may be muscle spasm and tension and back pain. In the long term, if not corrected, this can lead to back problems.


How to know that the school bag of your child too heavy?

Parents, watch for these signs in your child:

  • unbalanced gait;
  • uneven gait;
  • excessive flexion of the spine while wearing the bag;
  • pain during or after wearing school bags.

Any of these signs or a combination thereof can indicate that the school bag of your child is too heavy. If you notice any of these signs, change the school bag of your child or contact your doctor for advice.

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