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Coins for the Souvenirs ordered with the purpose of expression, as a publicity stunt for original gifts. Own coins were made before, it was believed that they bring good luck and prosperity, used as amulet and talisman. custom can not afford one, as rare coins raise the status of the owner, her present partners contributes to the strengthening of business cooperation. To this gift was long preserved and valued, the quality of the material and design of the coin should be original.

the Technology of making coins for jewelry factory "Zolotoy znak"

the Technology of coin production are constantly improved in the process of manufacturing coins using the latest equipment. So the stamp was replaced by a thin casting, the result is:

  • improved the quality of the images on the coins;
  • the
  • the image has become more distinct and raised;
  • the
  • decreased the cost of products;
  • the
  • have the opportunity to testirovanii surface.

the Coins are made of different materials, including precious. Most often, they have to be ordered from: steel, copper, brass, alloys, coated with gold and silver; the final decoration covered with hard and soft em Alam. At the request of the owner, in addition to the image, the coin can be a rib with a smooth surface or with the notch, microtext, any signs.

Reasons to order custom coins

there are several Reasons, they are generally associated with the anniversary of the customer personally or a company anniversary, a sign of love, of gratitude for the cooperation, the birthday child is treated as a memorial to every important event in life. In connection with the reason for develop a design, choose the size. On the coins for the anniversary can be a portrait of him, in other cases, sightseeing, special symbols, family coat of arms, the text - everything is interesting to remember a memorable day.

Jewelry factory "Golden badge" will provide high quality products and honest pricing. The value of a coin depends on: the complexity of the design, circulation, processing technology, urgency, of the selected material. Accurately observed: the contractual terms of the order, the conformity of the composition of the material ordered. Except for coins, ordered: medals, medals, business Souvenirs. Examples of solutions can be found on the website of the company.

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