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17 fun interesting facts that you did not know about the cartoon The Little Mermaid

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AcqWhat are the soundtrack to the animated film « The Little Mermaid » &Laquo; Part of your world » just as memorable as the main character Ariel. But did you know that the classic Disney song was almost cut from the so popular in the 1989 animated film? &Laquo; The Little Mermaid » and to this day remains a favorite cartoon, not only detey, but also some adults, for whom it was part of my childhood. Are you sure that you know all about this wonderful cartoon?

Facts about the animated film The Little Mermaid

  1. During the viewing of all the cartoon in it you can find many other iconic Disney characters. PossYou can, what you already own and have noticed a lot of sex hidden appearances Mickey Mouse throughout the picture, but less obvious appearance and other famous characters Magic Kingdom Disney animated film accompanies – especially in crowd scenes. During the speeches of King Triton, for example, in a crowd of marine realm can OtaScat Goofy and Donald Duck, as well as the dwarves of « Snow White » and even Kermit the frog of « Muppet Show & raquo ;. In addition, in the crowd during the wedding of Prince Eric and « & raquo ;, Vanessa can see the king and the duke and « Cinderella & raquo ;;
  2. The image of the evil sorceress Ursula was based on imagesMadame Medusa of « Lifeguards » and the famous drag character cinema Devine;
  3. Articulate Ursula was Bea Arthur, but it was suspended from work on the cartoon because of the conflict with the filming « Golden Girls & raquo ;. Voiced in the end evil sorceress Pat Carroll, who played a cruel SummaryPrunella yu sister in the television adaptation of « Cinderella & raquo ;;
  4. The Voice of King Triton was to be Patrick Stewart, but shooting the film « Star Trek: The Next Generation » Disney plans violated. The voice of the King Kenneth Mars, whose voice speaks in the cartoon grandfather Littlfuta « The Land Before Time & raquo ;;
  5. According to the original idea of ??Sebastian was talking with an English accent. Well, that idea failed, as perhaps because of this song « Under the sea » Caribbean inspired motifs was a great success and won an Oscar for Best Song;
  6. The series studio ABC « » (Once upon a time), the characters of which is wholly borrowed from Disney, the new season will add Ariel in a number of its new characters. Play Mermaid is actress Joanna Garcia;
  7. The basis of the image of the Little Mermaid lay image of a young actress Alyssa Milano, aboutdnako was another model for the main character of the cartoon. The actual model body Ariel was founded on the body Sherry Stoner, screenwriter « Adventures naughty toon & raquo ;, her own movements were used to create an image in the Belle « Beauty and the Beast & raquo ;;
  8. Mom Ariel name QueenAthena. Neither Newt nor Athena are not the mythology of the Greek hero, in whose honor they got their names. In mythology, Triton – son of Poseidon, lord of the seas. However, in the « Mermaid » Triton itself is such a master, and not his son. Athena was the goddess of the Greeks wisdom, civilization, mathematics and strategy, as well as Welle never been married, and, of course, did not live under water;
  9. Not that scene from the animated film convincingly, but very hidden, show that Ursula – sister Triton. In Broadway « Mermaid » this fact is even part of a complex storyline;
  10. Jodi Benson, whose voice speaks and sings Ariel, and recorded a song « Part of your world & raquo ;. Sound recording studio has made voice Jodie lower to convey more scuba feeling. The song was almost completely cut from the final version, as a test audience noted that the full version is too slow film;
  11. The scene where Ariel sits on a rock, inspired by the statue « The Little Mermaid » (Copenhagen). Author of many folk tales, including the « Mermaid & raquo ;, Hans Christian Andersen, was a native of Denmark;
  12. Aka Eric fell to the young actor, who at that time was onlyabout 16 years. This fact, according to the studio, makes it less terrible that Ariel married so young in years;
  13. Ariel created the red hair to avoid being confused with a mermaid Daryl Hannah in the film « Splash & raquo ;. While Disney has the right to create cartoon « The Little Mermaid » More from 1930-s it by 1980-th year is not out of the fact that there was a work on the sequel to the film « Splash & raquo ;;
  14. In order to create 10 minutes of continuous animation miracle called « & raquo ;, Mermaid required hard work of 10 animators for the whole year;
  15. The movement of the hair Ariel underwater was based on the movement of hair astronaut Sally Ride in space. That is why Ariel hair all the time like a cloud around her head;
  16. Nails in Ariel in the cartoon appear very rare – she is a mermaid and she simply does not. Nails on her fingers are only visibleabout when it hits the ground;
  17. Flounder, that translates to « & raquo ;, flounder definitely quite a flounder. It's more of Atlantic blue tang (fish-surgeon). Guess who else from the famous characters belong to this kind? Forgot? Then revise « Finding Nemo & raquo ;.

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