15 weeks pregnant: the characteristic features

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marks a significant improvement of the cardiovascular system. Per day heart pass through about 27 gallons of blood. If using the appliance to get accustomed to the skin surface of your baby, you can see the vascular wall. In active the intestine is constantly supplied with the bile. Kidneys work better, which affects periodic cleansing of the body of the baby from the decay products. Despite the frequent emptying of the bladder into the amniotic fluid, finding they did not irritate the baby's skin as their cleansing happens at least 10 times per day.



the Main achievement of the 15 week is the development of the cerebral cortex. He, in turn, constantly filled with new convolutions and grooves. Equally develop both hemispheres. The process of dividing nerve cells that plays a key role in the development of the Central nervous system, without which it is difficult to imagine managing body. Taste buds are Mature, and the child recognizes coming to him from his mother food. Develop their own preferences about which baby does not hesitate to declare, kicking sometimes the abdominal wall. Formed sebaceous and sweat glands. At the 15th week, the boys body begins to produce testosterone. Perfect becomes not only the cardiovascular system, but respiratory. The light is constantly practiced in the first purchase of sighs. Is the spitting and swallowing of the amniotic fluid. Through such exercises is formed by the pulmonary tissue, which is essential to the kid for making his first breath. Vocal cords in this period are formed completely, and there is a special the glottis. The fruit always practices the movements. He bathes, moves his arms and legs, clinging to anything and kicking. Bones and muscles become stronger, allowing the actions of the baby so that it feels his mom. The baby's head filled with hairs. Clearly visible eyebrows and eyelashes. If you enlist the help of ultrasound, it may be noted that the view of the fetus is not so far from the image of the little man.



for a Long time in the past, phenomena such as nausea, dizziness, and emotions for nothing. Mom starts to feel better. Her body gains weight, and there is a need to buy new free things. In the abdomen appears strip that starts from the navel, and ending in the area of the perineum. This indicates a hormonal failure, and the formation of melanin at the site. From that moment, the 15 weeks begins to grow a belly. Pregnancy becomes impossible to hide. Due to continuous growth of the uterus, pain. As a rule, they do not cause much discomfort, but if pain is accompanied by blood discharge, it becomes the occasion for dealing with your doctor. When back pain you need to check the kidneys because high likelihood of pyelonephritis. Another feature of this disease is pain during urination.

it is believed that 15 weeks is the quiet period, but it is possible and discomfort. Possible nasal congestion, or even bleeding from it (do not be afraid). Nipples may darken, but this is another indicator of hormonal failure, fear which is not worth it. Possible aching of the limbs, grinding of the teeth and brittle nails, which indicates a calcium deficiency that urgently needs to be refilled. Do not forget that this substance must not only mother but also the child.

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