Back pain

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Back pain

We can talk about some kind of epidemic: every seventh Russian said that he suffers from back pain. As a rule, we are trying to help us ourselves, we throw entire blame on "weak" spine and lifestyle.  But many people are wrong in this. These diseases can cause a number of other factors, including the major diseases of internal organs. Therefore, back pain requires proper medical treatment. Where to find help? It depends on how and where you have pain. A preliminary diagnosis can be made on the basis of symptoms. Burning tingling, pain, as after hitting, an unpleasant and unexpected as well as sudden, after a specific movement that takes your breath away. Back pain can be varied, but most of all, this is the problem with the spine.

The human spine, although is almost ideal (elastic, strong, stable), but it constantly straines. Cruel treatment to it, eventually, leads to the inevitable consequences. Sometimes it hurts, but pain passes after a rest, pleasant massage or physical activity, such as bathing. However, if the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, the overcoming of this problem requires not only immediate action, but also the experts (orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist) support.

The pain associated with our way of life and concrete part of the spine. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, or if you are overweight, the pain occurs in the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine - in the lower back. Of course, this does not mean that the way it is: you probably just damaged muscles. Microtraumas or stretching can lead to discomfort in the neck. People who constantly tilt the trunk forward, often suffer of the back pain. In part the spine "is aging" with age of the people who take care of themselves. Sometimes the perpetrator of the problem is the lack of care in youth, which led to irreversible changes.

You should remember that the spine disease is not necessarily causes discomfort in its area (it happens that hurts: legs, head, shoulder or chest, but not back). Also, the problems of other organs (eg heart, kidney, stomach, lung) we can mistakenly consider the disease of spine. And it can even be life threatening. We should not forget that sometimes the back pain may indicate bone cancer. In this case, the effectiveness of treatment will depends primarily on whether, in what stage a malignant tumor is located. It is difficult to determine the cause of back pain only on the basis of symptoms. Diagnosis is often difficult, it requires time and eliminating of the erroneous theses. However, it is necessary that treatment could produce results.

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