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the Medical model is a standard document produced by the form that is approved by the Ministry of health. This document is a confirmation of temporary incapacity to work of students of vocational schools, colleges, and Universities.


Issued by the doctor help, 095, includes the following items:

  • the name of the school where it will be directly predtavlyaetsya this reference;
  • opening date and number information (this section must be paid the exact date of a student for med. help);
  • date of birth and name of the patient;
  • diagnosis (can be specified just the name of the disease), but in that case, when the treatment lasted longer than 2 weeks, in addition to the certificate is attached also an extract from the ambulatory card;
  • the presence of patient contact with people who are sick of infectious diseases;
  • time release the patient from exercising in his disease.

Medical certificate 095 assure have 3 files:

  1. a Rectangular stamp in the upper left corner. This is nothing but a print of the clinic itself, which is placed in the Department of registration of leaves of disability (sick) or the registry.
  2. a Triangular print in the lower left corner. This seal is designed for hospital and placed in the Department for the registration of sick leaves or the registry.
  3. a Small round seal in the lower right corner. This print of the doctor whose patient directly was treated. It is mandatory is attested by the signature of the therapist or pediatrician.

the Nuances of filling

For reference 095 from the total time of treatment may be 30 days, as otherwise there is a contradiction of the period of temporary incapacity established by the Ministry of health. Therefore, if the treatment took 30 days, the patient is issued a certificate of another shape.

If the treatment took 10 days, the absence from school is recorded as a time interval. That is, if the treatment period was, for example, 20 days, it must be divided into 2 ten-day interval and register them in separate columns of the reference.

Also, keep in mind the fact that holidays and weekends may not act as the date of treatment to the doctor, and all the records are entered exclusively ink dark blue or black color.

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