Tips for battery care in the summer

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Most of the drivers only care about how to use batteries in the winter time. In fact, the summer heat can be even more dangerous than a cold winter, and the fact that it will damage the battery 35% faster than at low temperatures.

In July, the battery is rejected more often than in January. You must understand that if the street is +32C, under the bonnet of your car more than 60 degrees Celsius. This helps to ensure that you may need to buy a battery (Kyiv), that you can do in online store .

Let's discuss with you recommendations on how to stick to the normal operation of the vehicle battery even in the hottest days of summer.

the subtleties of the maintenance of the battery in the summer

Planned maintenance THAT significantly increases the durability of your battery. You need to spend just a couple minutes and read the guide rules of operation relative to where it is installed and how to maintain it in clean state. But also consider which indicators would indicate any errors. Using the battery pack must be held in protective glasses, you just need to remove all jewelry. And the sleeves should be as long as possible to protect your hands from the emission of the electrolyte.

When visually inspecting the battery, make sure it has no leaks, blisters or cracks. If defects are present, then you need to change the battery. Summer can lead to a much more active fumes of the electrolyte and accelerate the corrosion. Need to clean through connections by removing any corrosion, paint, oxidation of the lead, the top of the battery with a sponge for washing or brush.

If your battery is supplied by means of removable lids with pouring holes. You need to Unscrew them and check the electrolyte level in all cells. You need to make sure that the electrolyte level is higher than the lead plate. This approach will eliminate the occurrence of sulfation. In the case when the electrolyte level is low, add distilled water until they are covered with plates of lead.

If you properly care for your battery, then you can be sure that your battery is even in the sultry heat function to enhance reliability. But only buy batteries from trusted brands that can withstand even the most severe trials. The specialists of our store are guaranteed to be able to help you.

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