Summer heat

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Summer heat

In summer it is recommended to use largest possible amount of fluid during the day, to protect yourself from the negative impact of heat.

According to doctors, the elderly people simply have to drink water often, do not wait for thirst sensation. Also in summer it is recommended to limit alcohol consumption, especially heavy alcohol.

People who can not tolerate the heat should stay in air-conditioned or just a cool place, when the sun is most active, namely, from 12.00 to 16.00.

In the hot season will also need to choose the right clothes. Very good if the clothes will be made of natural fabrics, and as easily as possible. It's necessary to carry hats, and refuse from dress up of tight clothing.

In hot weather it is important not to limit yourself in carrying out of water procedures. This is not only pleasant in the hot season, but it is very useful for the organism. This may be a swimming pool, check on the ponds or just acceptance of the bath at home. Patients who take medication, be sure to ask your doctor how medications can affect the body during a heat wave.

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