Salt lamps

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salt lamps

Man is not everlasting, so he always had to fight for his health. For this he uses a variety of devices, which include the salt lamp.

Salt Lamp - is one of the most effective devices  to improve the health in the home. The uniqueness of the instrument lies in its ability to ionize and sterilize the air.
The operating principle of the lamp: when you turn on the outlet of salt is heated, therefore the air is saturated with negative ions, which forms a microclimate, which resembles a salt mine. This atmosphere created by the salt lamp - a real godsend for people who suffer from respiratory diseases, diseases of the skin and joints. Through research, it was found that regular inhalation of ionized air can cure chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. In addition, salt lamps have the ability to normalize blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.
Experts also believe that the benefits of lamps is also in that, that apart from cleaning and sterilization of air, it fills the house with positive energy, calms adults and children, reduces the effects of electromagnetic fields. To obtain a positive result it's enough one it presence in your home.

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    BonDiego - 13.12.2012, 22:31
    Salt lamps have a great impact on our health.
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    Noris - 19.12.2012, 15:56
    Very interesting i have nothing heared before about salt lamps. I will buy it for myself.
  • avatar
    Nicky - 29.12.2012, 04:12
    I have used salt lamps 2 years ago. They are realy helpful.