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If we analyze the structure of any more or less technically complex mechanism, thethere is always a place for the details of the metals (steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper and so on. d.). With that they have enough different configurations, which directly depends on the functions that item performs. Any configuration is achieved by machining shaped workpiece (circle, square, hexagon, tube and so on. N.). In mostostrebovannym and common type of machining is turning. It is used for machining rotation by removing the surface layer of the material. In this way produce parts such as shafts, bushings, axles, coupling elements, parts of mechanical transmission (gear, pulleys, sprockets), glasses, rings, methyleneunions and others. is a complex process that combines several basic types of work and, therefore, forms and movements of cutting tools:

  • processing bodies of revolution with giving them a cylindrical or conical surface, including molded parts (eg, hexagon);
  • treatment of end surfaces (bevel);
  • flow and cutting work;
  • processing (creation) of the holes by drilling, reaming, boring, reaming;
  • the creation of specialized surface areas (thread, nakAtka).

To perform all these actions requires special equipment (standard type lathe or CNC program-oriented) and tools (different types of cutters, drills, taps, dies, countersinks, and so on. d.).

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