The American company Herbalife (Herbalife)

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The life of modern man is directly related to nImproper way of life and threats to life itself. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy and often harmful food destroys the right balance of the functioning of all body systems, and is a direct cause of many serious diseases. Therefore, the modern pharmaceutical and food industries, traditional medicine often aboutbedinyayut their efforts to produce unique by nature and effectiveness of biologically active complexes (LHC) substances which have a direct impact on the various (mainly metabolic) processes in the body, contributes to the overall normalization of the state. Such materials are called dietary supplements - dietary supplements. Contrary to popular INIJ, including through the dishonest Delcam (both sellers and producers), dietary supplements are not a drug that is not directly solve the problem of the disease (medical) way. Additives are, as it were, from a distance, saturating the body with the missing vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and normalize metabolic processes, which, Are precisely the cause of most disorders. One of the most serious, large and reputable companies in the market of dietary supplements is an American giant Herbalife:. Company activity is related to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and nutrition, as his pledge. In this regard, the company's product line are various foodbiologically active complexes, additives, including for people seriously involved in sports (fitness, bodybuilding), products that contribute to weight control, and safe natural cosmetics.

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