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10 secrets of quick weight loss

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the Problem of excess weight bothers many people. And to get rid of it is always not so difficult if you follow simple guidelines, especially those that give experts. Methods of fight against excess weight numerous and many of them You probably already have experienced. But Japanese diet claims not to be sure to pace yourself hard physical exercise or regular diet (3 day diet on cifire, 7-day diet on the cucumbers , buckwheat diet, rice diet, etc.).


For quick weight loss should know only 10 simple secrets:

  1. Eat with smaller utensils. The smaller the plate the smaller the portion;
  2. If you are right handed, then you need to learn there left hand, and NoboruT. Thus, the actual intake will be reduced by 20 %;
  3. Drink from tall, slim glasses. So you will feel that you drink more fluids than wide;
  4. Hang a small mirror in the kitchen. In the course of a certain psychological experiment proved that under the influence of such mirror people become a lot conscious and prefer only healthy foods;
  5. fruity Chew gum or eat candy to kill your appetite
  6. Eat slowly. People who eat in a hurry, eat more;
  7. only Use cookware red. Many studies have shown that people eat much less if the food will be on the red plate because this color is associated with well-known a stop sign ;
  8. turn Off the TV during meals. In front of the TV you unwittingly eat more than without it. Thus, it is possible to reduce the intake of food by 50 %;
  9. Take pictures of the junk food you want to eat. This will enable to reduce considerably the amount of food eaten more than half;
  10. avoid the huge range of delicious and dishes. When people will see a large selection of products on your plate, then he will certainly be wanting to try.


so today you learned how to quickly and effectively lose weight. Remember that all depends on your desire. It is also important to read Japanese, and other useful articles about weight loss. Good luck and good patience!

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