Research paper (abstract) for admission to graduate school


Scientific paper (), which is required in order to attend graduate school (adjunction) is a scientific work which necessarily contains all the comprehensive information on your chosen topic (about 25 to 40 printed pages) and provides a summary of the material on the basis of which have been specially selected sources and independently research was conducted.


Scientific report ( abstract) must meet all the requirements to scientific publications

General requirements:

  • the Clarity and logical sequence of presentation of all necessary material;
  • Credibility directly in the arguments;
  • the Brevity and accuracy of all language that excludes the possibility of interpretation from different angles;
  • the Validity of conclusions and proposals for research in future dissertations.

the scientific paper ( the abstract) must also be reflected:

  • the Relevance of this study;
  • Place of issue, which is investigated in the modern domestic and foreign literature
  • your chosen theme to the modern state of science and technology directly;
  • assessing the level of completeness of solving of the task that was set;
  • Features of novelty and practical value of the work.


the relevance of the topics describes the relationship between the fact that this issue is already known and will be explored applicants to graduate school (adjunction) in a future PhD thesis for the first time, and shows that, for any branch of science or production is the value of scientific results that will be obtained in a future dissertation.

To assess the status of the research problem at present consists of a small literature review. Also it should be noted that this theme, which will be the basis for future thesis research, has not yet been developed and discussed in the literature and therefore it is necessary in future to explore.

the Purpose of the study is the end result. Usually on his achievement and should be directed study. It is implemented through the appropriate decision for specific tasks. Also when you formulate the goal, it is not necessary to mention the word study ... , study ... , because they, first, indicate the means to achieve it, not the target.



so today, you learned what is this scientific work, as an essay for admission to graduate school. In order to efficiently write this work in the first place, we must remember that the theme you selected for writing should be well researched. Only then you will have the opportunity to do the work perfectly. Personally, I wish you not to forget that you need to learn your subject and only then you will be positive results. Good luck and good patience in all your endeavors!

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