How can I learn to sell?

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Want a car, an apartment or a country house? The question is of course rhetorical-) But where is the money for all this - one salary is clearly not enough to afford some of the goods data, but of course the same if you are not a Director of a major company or the official. Many say that people who have all the above mentioned are thieves that earn honest money is impossible. But it's not. To get rich without breaking the law possible. One of the few legitimate methods of getting rich quick are selling. They will allow you to provide for his family, to create a good environment for living and save up for their own business. Today, depending on the industry, the seller has a salary of 50 - 150 thousand rubles per month and about the same as premiums and bonuses. And, we have 100 - 300 thousand rbl. a month. This figure is quite achievable for most people. The main thing you need is learn how to sell.

How to learn to sell and what is selling?

the Art of selling is the most conventional craft, such as, for example, to drive a bus, build houses or to make furniture. Sale is a set of certain skills (quite simple), in addition natural resourcefulness and a little spunk. At the beginning of career of the seller that is enough to become a professional.


the Most popular ways to learn to sell:

  1. to Go to a lecture or seminar (It is very catchy and interesting, reminiscent of going to the movies, but the knowledge gained is difficult to apply in practice. Because it does not give step by step instructions what to do and how you get disparate knowledge and ultimately - a good result is not guaranteed )
  2. to Read a few intelligent books on the subject of sales (This greatly broadens the mind and enlightens, and is also an excellent fuel for the generation of new ideas. But there is one significant drawback - the book is instructive or interesting stories about how other people are selling (and not you), or it's a real waste of thousands of pages of abstruse reasoning and theories, which, in turn, have no relation to real life)
  3. own experience (Learn to sell on their own experience is the best, but at the same time and most difficult path. This is a fairly good school (a few years of bumps and bruises), however quite expensive, because time is money, and in this case - their long period of absence);
  4. to Go to the training (Today's training is the most effective method of fast sales training. So for a couple of days of joint work with the coach directly and holds , you can learn from effective sales skills, and in the future to improve and raise the skill of the seller.

Master the skill produt is a very good investment, because the 1st deal will be worth all your efforts. This skill is a real device that will get for you money and feed your family and you.

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