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For several years significantly increased the number of those people who want to go to Poland in search of work. But to find a job here is difficult even to Polish citizens, with higher education and knowledge of a considerable number of foreign languages. When we talk about the Polish labour market, it is important paying attention to the fact that Poland, despite the fact that successfully carried out the reform of self - government is a very centralized country. It of course functions exactly according to the Soviet model of management "capital and others". But the people there are very nice and will always help you in difficult moment. By the way, if you are interested in , then in more detail about this can be found on the website: http://napolshu.com/.


Advantages of employment in Poland

Much better in Poland with salaries than in some other countries - the average salary is several even tens times more than, for example, in Ukraine. A huge plus is the fact that there is no division into official and a salary in "envelope" - all what is stated in the employment contract, then pay. However, it is important to know that employment contract is already a very different conversation topics. Employment directly on the basis of an employment contract (umowa o pracę), which will give you all the desired benefits of the employee - it is no easy task, and in many professions (journalists, cashiers or cleaning ladies) - it's almost impossible. Instead, you will offer some civilized law contract (umowa o dzieło umowa - zlecenie) that give absolutely no guarantees, and the employee, if we talk about the formal side and not an employee, but only side to this well civilized law contract. In these cases there is a problem with honey. insurance and stability of your chosen work (can fire you, for example, even the next day, you will not have any rights, because on paper you are not a worker) or even with the pension insurance.


What is the big disadvantage of working in Poland?

the disadvantage of this Polish is that it's a lot harder to find and change jobs (I mean most big cities). As for the recruitment process, for example, in Ukraine it is more immediate and concrete. It is about the size of the wages, which in Poland is considered some kind of taboo. The salary in Poland usually do not speak, and even sometimes hide this information. Employers also do not write about the amount of salary and many job Postings. The situation is such that already during the communication asking the candidate how much he would earn.

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