Protect external corners by means of plastic corners

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Everyone wants his house or apartment was a style icon and was brought to us and our guests aesthetic pleasure. To do this we are intending this eternal renovation, which will never end. Try sesti changes in the appearance of their homes, changing the layout or making a new walls, changing flooring etc. Options can be many, the main thing is your imagination and the availability of funds. Today we will talk about this point: as finish the external corners of the walls, which from time to time do not fit into the rotation, we can hit. Today to protect the corners use the plastic and metal parts.


Plastic parts

Plastic corners made of PVC used to protect or to decorate decorative papered, painted or decorated outer corners of the walls. But their application ends. They also can be successfully applied for the design of joints of panels, decorative furnish of door and window slopes in the other cases. Such corners produce the most different colors (even transparent). Width 10 - 100 mm, length - 150, 230 and 300 cm There are also corners in the form of an arc, which are designed specifically for the corners of the arches. By the way, if you need, you can buy it on the website

Often, on the exterior corners of walls, corners of PVC are fixed with liquid nails. True, there are corners in which on the inner side of the applied adhesive layer, which, in turn, protected with release paper.

it Should be noted that the corners of the PVC, you can glue only on very flat angles, otherwise the gap that formed between the wall and side of the area, can only degrade the appearance of the angle. That's why before you think about the protection angle corner of PVC you will need to find out if there are any cracks. To do this you will need to enclose the corner of a flat Board or long construction line. Plastic areas sufficiently elastic and the crack will not appear if the nonlinearity of the angle of the wall smooth.

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