The access control system and the principle of its work


control System and access control (ACS) is used to control in automatic mode exit and entrance for visitors and employees at the enterprise, exit and entry of vehicles into its territory. Installation of this system will ensure the highest level of security in your company. You will also get accurate information to keep your employees work schedule, you will be able to set access modes to acetylate and monitor working hours (including mixed and individual work schedules), to restrict access by time of day, by red, by day of week, etc. based on the data of the monitoring system and access control it is possible to calculate the salary. The most famous ACS domestic production is the Sheriff made the ITC-PROMIX . By the way, in Ukraine it can be ordered on the website: .


the Principle of operation of CSAC?

All visitors to the company and its employees receive electronic key (ID), often is a trinket or a plastic card with an individual code that it contains. An electronic key is issued immediately after the registration of the aforementioned persons by means of the system. Information and photo of the owner of the electronic key to make a personalised e-card". Next, the code of the electronic key and a personal electronic card associated with each other and contribute in a special database on the PC.

In the room you want to monitor install the readers, which, in turn, reads the code from the card, as well as information about access rights of its owner. Next readers pass the received information to the controller of the control system and access control.

The ACS put all codes according to the information on the rights of the owner of the electronic card. On the basis of a situation in which made a card and matching the above-mentioned information, the system makes the relevant decision: the controller locks or unlocks the doors (turnstiles, locks), an alarm is triggered, the object translates in the protection mode, etc.

All submission of electronic cards and follow-up actions (alarms, aisles, etc.) are recorded by the controller and stored on the computer. And information about all the events that occurred after the presentation of electronic cards, in the future it will be possible to use in order to receive a report on the violation of work discipline, working time, etc.

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