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Routing is an important operation process in transportation planning, which determines the operational performance of vehicles and the transportation cost of the cargo. Geography, volumes and conditions of carriage affect the choice of efficiency criteria of the transportation method for solving the routing problem, a method of organizing the movement of vehicles on routes and the formation of route structures. One of the features of the organization of the transport of dangerous goods is taking into account the additional constraints on the solution of the routing problem. A significant number of limitations, which is problematic from the point of view of the formulation of the problem, complicates its solution.


help to assess road transport?

the Development of roads and solving the problem of routing freight traffic is devoted to many works of the leading scientists in the field of road transport and applied mathematics. In the works of these and other scholars were the theoretical foundations of the scientific approach to the study of the processes of road transport. A system of factors that characterizes the qualitative and quantitative parties of the organization of the transport process. Methods were developed for evaluation of vehicles and the internal organization of road transport as a system, methods and justification the road network and transportation routing.

In their works scientists say that one of the most important factors in the development of the road network is to minimize the sum of costs for construction and operation of roads and transportation expenses for a certain period of time. This approach is justified, if not to take into account the risks associated with the transportation of dangerous goods and the dependence of shipping costs on the state of the road surface.


What you need in Ukraine has become much less accidents cargo transport?

As reported : in Ukraine on motor roads transport large volumes of dangerous goods. It is not only transportation of petroleum products, and industrial goods and household chemicals, fertilizers for agriculture and explosive, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive materials and other dangerous articles, more than 2000 items. Wherein portions of the road network, it is allowed to transport dangerous cargo, not equipped with information signs, special seats stops are missing, the points refuelling vehicles do not have specialized sections, and the like. The situation is even more complicated by the high degree of accident risk.

the Possibility of transport emergency situations to encourage formation of a number of serious problems of safety of transport of dangerous goods and the safety of other road users and pollution.

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