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If you need , then You need to contact the appropriate company, which provides services on carrying out technical inventory of houses with the manufacture of technical passport for the house. For example, in Kiev is a company "profTec".

Let's have a closer look at what is the registration certificate. This is nothing else as a reference document, which is done on the basis of technical inventory of a particular house. ! Contains all information about the following technical indicators in this house: total area, number of storeys, the legality of the build. It also has options such as: sanitary-hygienic standards of premises, utilities, year built, floor plan and General information about the structure and system of the house.

There is an opinion that can legitimize the reconstruction of just ordering the carrying out of technical inventory is not true! Registration certificate is a document, which is done according to customer's requirement and it displays the actual condition of the house. This document is not legal, so if you haven't already, it is, in any case, cannot deprive You of property rights.


What is the inventory?

Those. inventory is a complex of works on the measurement and survey of premises of the building to determine its current state with the subsequent introduction of the results into the spec. form.

Those. inventory of houses is carried out in such cases:

  • privatization
  • before taking into operation of completed facilities, and after renovation, remodeling and major repairs;
  • before the implementation of the state registration of ownership of real estate, which was formed in the division of property or allocation of part of the object that is in common ownership, as well as in the division / unification of real estate, except when such amalgamation, division or allocation percentage, finished the estate accepted into operation;
  • before the implementation of the state registration of ownership of the unfinished property;
  • at the inheritance
  • in all other cases, technical inventory is conducted at the request of the client.

According to the instruction on conducting technical inventory of immovable property No. 582/5773 July 10, 2001: from 01.01.2013 to produce registration certificate for the immovable property have a right as communal BTI and other entities that have a staff of certified professionals.

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