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Layout of the apartment studio, of course, different from the usual. In fact this is one spacein that combines all areas of a standard apartment except bathrooms. This room is easier to repair, but it has its own characteristics that must be considered not only at work but also in the selection and placement of furniture. Moreover, in the studio-converted pleasure itself rather than hard labor, as it happens with conventionalapartments with lots gararitnyh Furniture and minimum space.

Layout Studio:

Partitions and interior doors

It is the lack of partitions and interior doors makes this apartment a more affordable price in the construction of new housing. In practice, most of the studio is obtained by re-planning studio (maximum one-bedroom), but it is only when there is no load-bearing walls inside the building. It costs a lot of money, but in the case of the following repair costs of materials and labor will be significantly lower. K « newbuilding & raquo ;, which still haveGSI be repeated all the finishing work, this does not apply. It should also take into account the fact that organize and decorate a large room easier than two or three children (including in terms of interior solutions). And in combining recreation areas and sleeping, working room, hallway, living room and in our country due to « quartsirnomu question » no equal.

Entrance doors

Let's start from the front door. Removing the partition hallway and doors, get purged from the door to the window space. You can combat this by the second door, preferably with a good loop seal.


Floor covering in this area must withstand heavy loads, wear and be resistant to moisture. Better use of linoleum or ceramic, and if it is not less than 32 class, and it is desirable to close the sealant joints.

The room

The room itself, except for the cooking zonecooking (kitchen), has no special requirements other than the organization of lighting: general and local. This entails a more thoughtful approach to layout and placement of wiring sockets and fixtures, you should not use an extension cord, because the yard XX century.

Heating and cooling

Heating and Cooling also needsayutsya adjustment. In order to improve the optimum heating will increase the number of sections of the radiator, although acceptable solution would be the installation of the film and the heater. You can do it traditionally – under the floor of separate zones. But it is possible to establish such a system, using a wall or ceiling. With cooling easier enough vybrats air conditioner at a higher power. In conjunction with these issues should be considered and installation of windows with a wide frame section and energy-saving glass.


The most difficult part — kitchen. Firstly, there must be a more powerful extractor fan, should not be confused with the filters, which are also the so-calledbe ordered, although they will not pull anything, and work on the principle of recycling. Second, the floor of this zone shall be resistant to moisture, fat and mechanical damage, and most importantly, more unassuming care and resistant to detergents.


Finally, although it is usedolshe to the interior, all equipment must be built up to the refrigerator. The latter, incidentally, will improve the sound insulation of the room. Better use of cabinets and tables gated to kitchen utensils, dishes and food were hidden.

The last

This apartment is good for one person. If not inlive two minutes, you should provide sliding partitions that could separate the recreation area from the rest of the space.

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