How to grow a good garlic

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In any case important knowledge and experience. No exception and work oncity. How to grow a good garlic to the time spent and invested labor is not in vain?

Recommendations regarding the cultivation of garlic


Garlic loves a loose, well-fertilized soil. Many gardeners use humus of greenhouse cucumber is introduced into the ground before planting wood ashOrganic and mineral fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium. You can not use fresh manure in laying the ridge, it is bad for the plant's root system. Garlic flower bed a few times harrow or cultivator process.


  • To select landing is not affected by rot and worm-provolochnikom large head. Divide them into teeth, dipped for a few minutes in a solution of copper sulphate (a teaspoon per bucket of water);
  • The distance between rows 15-20 cm. Distance of 6-8 cm in the row. Planting depth of approximately 5 cm. Winter garlic thrown in late September. Mark the planting rows, slightlyand embedded dirt from a flat plate or a thin slate board. Make them deepen stick, on which there is a notch defining the desired depth. Insert into each well with the push of a clove of garlic, completely level ground;
  • Zamulchiruyte last year's straw or hay layer of 4-5 cm. This will keep the moisture in the ridgeWill prevent the rapid growth of weeds in the spring and later mulch turn into fertilizer. In cold climates it is recommended to close an additional ridge tops or boards that will keep the garlic from freezing.

The vegetation period:

  • Remove weeds, loosening. Even germination raduyuie eyes, convenient for them to look after. From an old screwdriver with a wooden handle make « & raquo ;, koporulyu by bending the end of a screwdriver to 3-5 centimeters at a right angle and sharpen it. With this tool, no need to pull out every blade of grass. Suffice « go » koporuley between rows and collect grass, torn it. Each processing ryhlit land and give access of oxygen to the roots;
  • The arrows appearing on the plant, it is necessary to break off. If you do not, they will take effect at the head, and garlic will be born small. Exception – is to leave several large inflorescences and allow them to ripen to get seeds. In autumn they are sown in rows. Over the years,grows on fresh plant material – garlic-odnozubka. The next year he will give birth to large head;
  • Remote arrows are used in food, pickle for the winter, infused water and treated with other plants from the garden and garden pests;
  • Fertilizing summer make onetimes with liquid manure. In dry weather, watering ridge;
  • As soon as the leaves begin to turn yellow, it is necessary otgresti land from bulbs. After that garlic is no longer need to be watered.


Harvesting should be carried out on timeas well as in the home - and then miss 2-3 and cleaning your house is covered with a mountain of dust. According to national signs garlic dig until August 15, when he will be well kept in the winter. Practice has shown that head, cut with a small handle, you should immediately wash well and dry. After this procedure, they are clean, they are nice, even in the hands taking. MNogie people make the mistake later digging garlic, because they think that it is larger pour. If you miss the timing of harvesting, the garlic heads will reveal more in the ridge. Kept the harvest will be bad. Everything has its time. Good luck to you!

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