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newfangled trends onReal Estate – duplex apartments. Although the idea is not new, the living area of ??this type has been extended even more than 60 years ago.

« Stalinkas »

« Stalinkas » have a huge margin of safety walls, because during the construction of these houses moonlights was not accepted. Duplex apartments are usually located on the upper floors. The beautiful view of the city. These flats relied party elite. Restoration of the facade of the house, replacement of communications and redecorating turned Soviet legacy in modern homes.

Two apartments are located on eachd other

Another way to get yourself duplex apartments: buy two apartments, located under each other and make a hole in the ceiling to the bottom of the stairs. This solution requires a professional approach and specialist advice, registration of relevant papers and permits, and you'll needgeniralnaya as dust and construction waste will be very very much.

New build duplex apartments

In addition to the Soviet « stalinok » the real estate market and there are buildings with two-level apartments. Previously, these apartments have been presented in the category of business houses andpremium. Obstacle to the construction of new buildings economy class maisonettes was technology panel. But today in the construction of residential complexes have become increasingly using technology monolithic construction. Buildings of this type are strong and have a lot of other positive qualities. Somem of these qualities is the ability to redevelopment apartment with almost no restrictions.

Pros maisonette

The biggest « plus » maisonette – ease zoning area. The presence of two floors allows easily divide the apartment in residential area(Bedroom and bathroom) and the checkpoint (kitchen, library). New buildings often give up without finishing and layout. This allows the owner to show a flight of fancy and to distribute the area is at your own discretion.

Cons maisonette

One of the downsides duplex apartments is obligatory presencee ladder, which is an area of ??risk for the elderly and young children. In addition, stairs « steal » about 10% of the living space. Helps remedy the situation spiral staircase. It is less comfortable, but it gives an opportunity to save space in a small apartment, and also gives a special charm to the design of the apartment. Minusmaisonette in that the opening for the stairs more often can not be moved. The amount of free space allows creativity during the repair of the apartment. At the same time requires more finance to fill the available space and the construction of communications than for smaller apartments Marketplacedi. Another « net » maisonette is a fairly large heating costs.

The design of the

An interesting design solution for a two-level apartment is. In this way it is possible to further increase the visual volume of the apartment. Panoramic windows that perfectly complementKuyu plan.

The two-level housing has both pluses and minuses. Yet the positive aspects in the apartments of this type more. If you are among those lucky ones, do not neglect the opportunity to bring its two-level housing to perfection.

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