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How to sell a car loan

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There are two ways, as Sell CreditFirst car . In two cases, the bank that issued the credit for cars, must take a direct part in the sale.

Option 1

The first option is the most secure. If up to this point the car owner to repay the debt on time, after the sale of car he will remain with the « clean&Raquo; credit history.

When you decide to sell your car, the 1st of all you have to notify the bank that you notify and obtain credits from the bank permission to sell. Of course, if you have not paid much of the credit for the car, the bank without much enthusiasm goes to such transactions. But usually the bank still providespositive decision and help the borrower, because in the future he does not want to have problems with loan repayments. But remember that this does not help the bank is free, and it will cost the borrower about 0.5-1% of the loan amount.

In addition, it is desirable to conduct an independent examination of the car and provide a conclusion to the bankTo banking experts have not encountered too many questions.

When will a positive response to your request for the sale of the car, the bank will issue a decision, how much and where will be deposited the money received from the sale of cars.

If the borrower's financial position does not allow for the moment to repay the loan in full, then the question mYou can decide by registration of consumer credit, how, in turn, will be repaid the loan on the car.

I think there is no need to explain how to sell a car loan after repayment of all debts. Immediately after the sale you will need to make a deal with the bank, which will indicate that the buyer makes a deposit is requiredth sum for the car, and the bank's employees have paperwork to transfer to the new owner and PTAs to close the loan. Logically, it turns out that credit to buy easier than.

Also note that if you take out insurance on a car loan, a portion of the insurance for the unused period can be returned by providing pageAPB agent permits the bank to sell the car.

2nd version

The second option is more risky. You find yourself customer. Then go with him to the bank, where actually subject to the availability of money from the buyer and with the consent of the bank, you will repay the loan with that obtained for Saleyour car sums of money. Further, the bank will remove your car from the account and it is registered to a new owner.

Given the high demand in the automotive market there are many companies that provide services to repay the balances for car loans. In addition, these firms buy back credit cars, and almost at market value,and some may even take the car to the commission on the price of the seller. Option is very convenient. The main thing here - do not fall for scam and one-day firms, which will disappear with your car in an unknown direction.

« Trade-in »

Another new service that callsXia « trade-in & raquo ;, can also solve the problem of how to sell credit car < / span> . You sell your car showroom supported, and in return buy a new one, taking into account the value of the old cars. This option is very useful, but not all financialGDS is attractive, because at such sale, you can lose 10 - 25% of sales.

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