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Today, the brand name Hyundai 100 % responsible its content (Hyundai translates from Korean as in step with the times , modernity ). This became real thanks to the constant work of this holding, which is aimed at expanding and improving the range of vehicles and ensuring their highest reliability. Also the most important role in the rapid development of this Korean brand has played the withdrawal of the automotive division of "Hyundai motors" in 2000 from holding Hyundai, and then another merger with the company bought out KIA. This gave the opportunity for the newly-established Association KIA - Hyundai to become the leader of the Korean automotive industry, as well as a very serious company in the global automotive market. By the way, on the web site: you can view the range of Hyundai, as well as prices for cars of this brand.


how it all began?

Today, Chung Ju-Yung (the man who founded the group of companies of Hyundai) is 1 of the most powerful oligarchs of South Korea. By the way, in 1992 he ran for President. Chung Ju-Yung is originally from a peasant poor family. At 18 years old he went to the capital (Seoul), where he worked as handyman, loader, courier and mechanic. Haibara and in 1939 he opened an auto repair shop, which after 7 years became the 1st company, which bore the name of Hyundai. In 1940 he founded a construction company Hyundai Construction (Hyundai Civil Industries) and by the end of the fifties it became a large family business. In the beginning there were a few dozen companies that manufactured locomotives, machinery, petrochemicals, steel, electronics and cars, and managing relatives the Chung Ju-Yung. And in the early sixties by Hyundai Civil Industries contract for the restoration of the bridge in the capital, Jena was appointed to head Hyundai. This marked the beginning of the history of this holding company.

But the beginning of a flourishing automotive area started with small-scale production of the licensed vehicles, which was hosted by. So, on the hoods assembled sedans Ford Granada, Ford Cortina trucks and Ford D-750 can be seen the inscription "Ford". In the seventies began to actively build the plants, and in 1973, after opening his own design Department was born the Hyundai brand. And after 2 years in cooperation with the "Mitsubishi motors" has created a car Hyundai Pony, which was the 1st real mass passenger cars. This machine opened the way Hyundai on the world market. It was exported under the name of Hyundai Eksel. By the beginning of the nineties in the "Hyundai motors" was completely ready for the lineup of passenger cars, it included such models as: Elantra, Excel, Grandeur and Sonata. While the Hyundai Scoupe, which appeared in 1990, is available to this day - in the 3rd generation under the names Hyundai Tiburon or Hyundai Coupe.

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