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– this wonderful world that is constantly open to us their secrets and more.And now to you the 5 most amazing lakes of our planet.

1. Lake Hiller

There is quite a widespread belief that the water in natural freshwater reservoirs should have blue or gray-greenish CEEt. In spite of this, in the world there are 8 lakes with pink water. This color gives them occupant - Dunaliella salina. This particular algae that live in seawater. However, contrary to this view, there is one exception. It is called the – Lake Hiller. The water in it is fresh and has a distinct pink color. The Reasonthat to date remains a mystery, because scientists have not been able to find traces of algae here.

2. Lake Nakuru

This body of water is located in Kenya and its main attraction is the huge toLONII birds. There is going to about 400 species. However, most of pink flamingos here. There are times when the water is almost invisible because of the dominance of birds and flamingos carpet the entire space, which can be reached by human eyes.

3. Jiuzhaigou Lake

In China, there is a unique lake, surrounded by a lot of greenery. The bottom is no exception – it   carpet the algae. The water of the lake Tszyuzhaygou does not freeze even in the most severe frosts. Initially it was thought that the cause of this phenomenon & ndash , the presence of thermal springs on the bottom. However, this has not been confirmed and zagadka so wondrous behavior still remains relevant.

4. Lake Pitch Lake

You will be able to submit the asphalt outside the human environment? No? Then go to the lake Pitch Lake. It contains approximately 6 million tons of natural asphalt which is in a liquid STATUSii. However, he did not even think to freeze while staying in constant motion. Here come the crowds of tourists every year not only to see this miracle, but to swim here. The fact that in some places there can be found on the surface of plain water.

5. Lake Kelimutu

Volcanoes are one of the most interesting natural formations. But even more unique are the lakes, which are located in their craters. As an example, three lakes in the craters of the volcano Kelimutu. Each of them has its own unique color that is constantly changing. Locals claimRowell analogy of this phenomenon with a change in a person's mood. That is why they are unspoken name Enchanted Lake and Lake of older women. Communicate with them a lot of variety of legends.

Now that you know with such an amazing phenomenon, you can plunge into the delight of describingof the largest and deepest lake in the world?

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