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Agree, for sure, at least once in your zhizor you had to travel through the city at that time of day when the civil, municipal transport already (or still) "asleep." It is certainly possible to refer to a healthy lifestyle and tramped the distance on foot, but it inevitably comes into contact with the following problems:

  • a waste of time (most likely route Maugert take anywhere from an hour to an hour. At the same time, do not calculate the time, you can either late or wait a long time on the site);
  • loss of power (at the end of the route you will obviously not be in the best condition, and if you still have to lug bags, then in general ...);
  • risk (slow movement through the streets at nighttime, with bags, and even in an unfamiliar city can draw attention to your person by not so loyal contingent of citizens).

The real way out of the situation can become service. It is also a form of public transport, but has a number of features that can be considered as an advantageAnd as disadvantages (depending on which side you look at it):

  • high mobility (a type of urban transport, which is not tied to a particular route, and thus can more quickly arrive at the desired point);
  • high comfort (agree, it is better to take a ride in a comfortable passenger compartment, rather than shaking in urbanFirst bus);
  • clock (to order and to use the service, you can at any time);
  • the relatively high cost of services (but for comfort and efficiency still need to pay);
  • the opportunity to participate in special programs (subject to more or less regular use, you can count on a skidki pay).

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