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Novice guitarists it is important to choose the right guitar, which later they will play. Here, many of them the question arises: "how is classical guitar different from acoustic. At 1st glance, these tools are exactly the same. But it was not there. Any professional guitarist will tell you that between "classic" and "acoustics" there's a huge difference. In fact - it is almost 2-VA different tool. Next, we consider the most significant differences of these musical instruments.


the Main difference of the classical guitar from the speaker:

  • Classical guitar appeared in Spain in the 18th century and today retains its original appearance. And here appeared much later, approximately in the beginning of the XX-th century. This instrument was invented in connection with the need to increase the sound of the classical guitar directly from the stage;
  • Acoustic guitar much more than the classic. Because her destiny was the performance on stage, her case was increased + used metal strings (classical guitars use nylon strings, sounding much softer and quieter);
  • Also these 2-VA musical instrument use different structure of the fretboard. The "acoustics" it is wooden and inside it is installed with steel anchor. In that time, the classical guitar has a completely wooden fingerboard, all other it is much broader than in "acoustics";
  • If to consider the scope, the "classics" more suitable to carry Spanish motifs or classical music, and "acoustics" is an excellent option for rock, pop, "neighborhood" songs, etc.;
  • In classical guitar is 1 of the varieties of acoustic. Also, the types of "acoustics" are: Hawaiian (four-stringed), Russian (seven-string), Jumbo and other guitars. "Classic" has a strictly 6 number of strings (this number never changes), at that time, as in an acoustic guitar can be 4 to 12 strings;
  • "classic" is played without the use of a mediator at the time, as in "acoustics" it is used very much, so it sounded louder.

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