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rental cars is 1 of the oldest services (with 100 years of history). Its popularity grows for a couple with a welfare state and this is especially noticeable in large cities. By the way, in Krasnodar provides, OOO К2А :

More recently, the car was rented only had to move to a different part of the country or city, or for wedding processions, now the range of interests of potential customers of this service have increased considerably. Today, there are many situations in which a person who is used freely peremeschatsya driving, need a rental car.

Here the most common ones:

  • Your car is in the shop. This situation now occurs quite often. During an emergency trip of course, You can order a taxi, but to do it for several days or weeks is just unreasonable. Especially if every day you need to make urgent business for a couple of trips in the suburbs and in the city;
  • Own car does not meet the level of the upcoming business meeting. If for business You need an Executive car, then this problem can easily be solved by contacting the 1 well from companies that provide rental service of cars of any class, even with it together with the driver. These companies working seven days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • You arrived in a strange city, like a tourist. If you want to explore the realties of the city, but you find it hard to move around in an unfamiliar place, then in this case it is convenient to pre-book yourself a car with a driver who at the same time could be your guide;
  • Test drive a particular model car. Occasionally the need to test a certain model of car just before buying it. In order to do this you may wish to rent it and already appreciate all the capabilities of this machine. It may well be that it is not what you really need.

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