What children learn in music schools?

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All adults very interested in what kids are taught in music school for 5 - 7 years and what results they can achieve. He will tell us about the founder of St. Petersburg .


Which subjects to study at a music school?

the Main subject in the school of music have a specialty (individual lessons neopredelennoi musical instrument: violin, piano, flute, etc.). In the spec. class students receive a greater portion of practical skills confident in reading music, the technical equipment, mastery of the instrument.

the 2nd most important item is ear training lessons, the purpose of which is the full and purposeful development of musical hearing through conducting, singing, aural analysis and games.

Also, children learn musical literature. This lesson appears in the schedule of high school students, shtudiruyutsya them for 4 years. This subject broadens the horizons of pupils and their knowledge of art and music in General. Pass major works and biographies of composers. For 4-year children time to get acquainted with the main issues of the subject, and explore the many forms, genres and styles of music. 1-th year is given on the introduction to classical music of foreign countries and Russia, as well as on contemporary music.

in addition to the core subjects, sometimes in the school of music also introduced and other additional items, for example, the 2nd tool (at choice of student) conducting, accompaniment, ensemble, composition (writing and composing), etc.


What can you get at the end of the music school?

eventually, while studying at the school of music, the child receives a serious musical experience. He is on a very high level, owns 1 of the musical instruments and can also play on the 1st or 2 others, pure intone (sings well, plays no false notes). Also, the child becomes more knowledgeable, receives a large intellectual base, it develops mathematical ability. And public performances at contests and concerts liberate his person, motivate to success, will harden and help to realizational yourself in the creative plan.

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