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In middle of the summer there is a strong heat on the Spanish coast. Rest in Spain is inte resting for tourists from different countries and the most popular is Catalonia, which lies to the north-eastern Iberian Peninsula. Here are well-known Spanish resorts: Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. Considerable demand also uses the island of Tenerife, which is known as "island of eternal spring" due to a comfortable temperature all year round. A large number of tourists prefer to rest in the Canary Islands. The tour price usually depends on the region, the lowest prices for holidays in Catalonia.

Costa Brava

Young people and families with children usually choose the rest in Costa Dorada. Resort of La Pineda also is suitable for child recreation, which can boasts with one of the best beaches on the coast. The world-famous leisure parks: "Aquapolis" and "Port Aventura" cause the special inte rest of the tourists . Both children and parents can get there maximum enjoyment.

Costa Brava attracts vacationers by the mild climate and the opportunity to visit local attractions, historical sites and architectural sights, raising their level of cultural development, as well as enjoy the amazingly beautiful natural landscapes. For those who want to expand their outlook is recommended to visit the cities of Reus, Terragona, Figeyras, Girona, Barcelona and Besalú, and also climb to the top of the mountain of Montserrat.

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