Heart rate disorders

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Disorders of heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias - disturbances of frequency, rhythm and sequence of heart rate: acceleration or slowing of the rhythm, premature contractions. disorganization of the rhythmic activity, etc.

Tachycardia - three or more consecutive cardiac cycles with a frequency of 100 or more per minute. Unstable tachycardia lasting less than 30 seconds, going steady for more than 30 seconds.

Paroxysm - a form of paroxysmal tachycardia with a clearly defined beginning and end of the attack.

Bradycardia - three or more consecutive cardiac cycles with a frequency of less than 60 per minute.

Arrhythmias are caused by a violation of: formation of excitation, conduction, or a combination of these components.

Disorders of heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias

 Acute cardiac arrhythmias and conduction occur:
1. As a complication of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
2. Against the background of arterial hypertension, congestive heart failure, electrolyte disorders.
3. As the result of congenital anomalies of the conduction system or repolarization.
4. If you drink alcohol or excessively use caffeinated beverages.
5. If you have extracardiac pathology.

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