Nodular toxic goiter

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Nodular toxic goiter

This disease is characterized by the presence of node in the thyroid gland, which produces excess thyroid hormones. Another name for nodular toxic goiter - toxic adenoma.

Fully causes of this disease is not known. It is assumed that nervous disorders of the thyroid gland playing a key role in the development of nodular toxic goiter.

The clinical picture in nodular toxic goiter is various. The disease may be mild, moderate and severe. Most toxic adenoma has monosemeiotic character, which manifests itself mostly lesions of the cardiovascular system. At the same time clinical symptoms develop slowly. Such manifestations as proptosis (displacement of the eyeball forward), as well as other ocular symptoms may be absent or mild.

When viewed in a fraction of the thyroid gland is usually palpable moveable node having a smooth surface and clear boundaries. Most often it is painless at palpation, but sometimes it can feel a little soreness.

Confirm the diagnosis of nodular toxic goiter you can by a blood test, which is determined by the high level of triiodothyronine and protein iodine. On the thermogram of the thyroid gland is marked local hyperthermia in the area of ​​the projection unit.

Treatment of nodular toxic goiter surgery. Prior to the surgery require pre-payment drug thyrotoxicosis. If surgery is contraindicated, the treatment can be carried out with radioactive iodine.

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