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Playlist - this is your own personal little freedom. Music has always had a place in the moments when everything has already been said. But now we trust his aesthetic pleasure to the public with a large number of subscribers, or artists with countless hits on YouTube. By the way, you can listen and download popular music you can . Why it is easier for us to listen to what is already known than to unleash the inner music to Christopher Columbus and to try to open something?

Our parents have secretly bought foreign records and records of foreign artists. They proudly gave to others to overwrite your tapes. Fathers easily lowered accumulation to concerts favorite bands. Moms were freezing for hours in concert halls waiting for the idols. They ran to the appartment, although he knew that they also likes to stop by the police. Sometimes they even managed to sneak to listen to jazz, and then for weeks to walk in awe of the portions previously unknown Soviet listener of juicy jams.

it Seems that now we were not aware this musical famine, because the music industry has been free and open for everyone to join and enjoy a quality product. In fact, we think the vast number of ordinary citizens at best heard of Okean Elzy, Boombox, maybe someone, somewhere vaguely heard of the existence of Reporoa, or group 5'NIZZA, who has had a long time to disintegrate, forming two distinct separate projects, and then reunited for an incredibly cool tour.

Due to the rather complex diffusions in our country from 2013 to 2015, almost all foreign musicians have forgotten about the Ukrainian scene. Frankly, in a certain way it worked in favor of local musicians. When a person disappears the hearth to which he was accustomed, he does not remain anything else how to include the directed identity and to create his own comfort zone, which has a positive impact on his individual development.

For three years, fortunately, was formed and popularized quite a large number of cost projects that previously did not fit conventional frames: M1, Musicbox, MTVUkraine and the like. Remember that in some point of his childhood, youth, youth you didn't know where else apart from the above channels, pinches less popular gear and crumbs standing radio waves to learn about new music, or at least to hear the world hit. But nowhere, unfortunately. For what period of time were born the festivals, music venues like: Zaxidfest, a Beautiful city, Atlas Weekend, Razomfest. For example, in Kiev the focus of the musical people are:

  • "Art club 44";
  • "Couch";
  • "Barrel";
  • "Green Theatre";
  • "Atlas";
  • "Sentrum";
  • "Mezzanine";
  • "Closer".

Thanks to them, now at concerts by such artists as: O. TORVALD, Vivienne Mort, The Hardkiss, one in a canoe, Sunsay, S. Babkin, M. Tchaikovskaya, Jamala, ONUKA - no where to crowded and we still have to buy tickets, because a sold-outs come with cosmic speed. Typically, they are the first in line to become the undisputed headliners of the event.

it is Clear that a popular culture can not but rejoice, because five years ago it was impossible dream. Imagining that missing problem is what to do with themselves young people during the summer, because there are a lot of festivals. Like, no challenges parents to give the child on holiday, because they constantly remove the headphones from ears. Just can't complain about the lack of sources for the search portion of the pleasure your eardrum when there is an inexhaustible source of illegally downloaded audio in VK, Sound Cloud and selfless pervachok in updates iTunes.

However, this bright world-view is inherent mainly to those who is a day without decent tracks, or boiled in a musical get-together. A small percentage of young people now perceive music as an art that can influence individual development and to inspire nothing less than training in conflict resolution, or workshops on time management. Youths will rather spend two hundred hryvnia for a motivational conference than in the event of progressive Ukrainian band.

it is not in the priorities. The fact that they are lazy. They are not interested in having to search for these new items or just to find out information about the pillars of the music world. Much easier to incorporate playlist rundown on what the public and not to take to mind what this music is. The students and youth who must seek an outlet in music the kitchen, unfortunately, not familiar with such family projects as:

  • Atomic Simao;
  • Peter and the Wolves;
  • Sinoptik, Fontaliza;
  • The Cancel button;
  • Megapolis Witches;
  • Panivalkova;
  • Dakooka;
  • Secret Avenue;
  • Friends of Gagarin.

it tells the well-known book of all times: "first was the word", when all words end when we desperately need the silent sedative that will set up our neurons, or is it sadness, or joy on the right wave. Our meds. But only the one to which you match your own and with sympathy. In modern communication there is nothing intimate to share with someone my playlist. I urge you not to be afraid to taste, vile spit, with patience to chew, completely to enjoy and sink into the music created by those who live here and now with you.

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