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Probably many people have not even heard of such a thing as "tablet meals". In General, tablet meals is a cost - effective, balanced and quality food to various agencies, the essence of which is a full range power supply that was invented by professional chefs and nutritionists. Next, we consider the features of tablets-food and tell us about them, the official representative of the company "BINI-FISCHER", by the way, you can purchase equipment for the tablet supply for hospitals.

First of all, the tablet is powered is called portioned meals whose dishes are placed on special. trays. The word "tablett" in translation from English. means tray , which differs from ordinary Cutlery tray. In this case, the dishes are Packed in individual portions, which in turn is placed in a sealed Thermopanes.

Order Thermopanes were continuously fed and staffed, used belt conveyors. This gives max the opportunity to reduce the risk of spoilage of food by human fault. Also, I must say, and a high flow of meals. For example, in order to feed two hundred hospital patients need about 30 - 40 min.

Firms that are able to help in the organization of the tablet of power, often, offer all the necessary components for the smooth operation of this power circuit. It should be noted that today many private and public hospitals are moving to this type of supply. The RF system tablet power appeared relatively recently, but every day become more and more popular.

And if you take Europe (e.g. Germany), the tablet power is actively used in social institutions and in the best clinics of the country. That is why, today, Russian specialists actively adopt invaluable experience of German colleagues and with stunning success to implement it in domestic institutions. So, it may even be that almost all social institutions in the short term, implementing this kind of power.

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