GDZ: what is it?


Ready homeworks (GDZ) - this term has appeared relatively recently, but has already become the leader in popularity among the search queries in various search engines. Prepared homework assignments are an inevitable consequence of the unification of the curriculum the majority of schools in Russia. Now, when homework all alike, formed a very large market of. A direct consequence is the decline in the value of homework.

GDZ is not an analogue reshebnik . The latter is the "antidote" against a specific collection of tasks. A vivid example is Antidemidovich . But the finished homework are standalone solution in a smaller unit than the keys, i.e. the portion . Be aware that in the majority of cases reshebnik write enough qualified people.


What of?

  • geometry. Often the geometry has a couple of options to solve problems, while 1 of them is the most brilliant and beautiful. At the same time, honors are not always thought of a brilliant solution, it equally accessible and also losers, and b;
  • algebra. Is quite common product. It is very easy to write off to make a decision, because the rigor of the subject, problem in algebra often make only 1 decision, that is why they run up to GDZ. By the way, when applied correctly, the use of on the subject of virtually unprovable for the teacher. Most popular GDZ on this subject is ready ;
  • biology. These GDZ is very easy to write off, due to the nature of the subject - it's perfectly clear. GDZ to write on this subject - it's exactly what to write the correct answer from a school textbook;
  • In physics. It all depends directly on the kind of task, but whatever it was, cheating GDZ kills a natural way of thinking of the student. Physical tasks often allow a couple of solutions, that is why the teacher is easier to recognize GDZ on this subject than, for example, for the same algebra;
  • Russian language. Russian language is strictly defined by rules, that is why the use of on the subject of virtually unprovable;
  • In literature. Don't ever apply GDZ for literature because there is almost 100 % should be your own work.

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