How to lose weight and feel healthy?


Many people have repeatedly asked yourself about how to lose weight quickly and become completely healthy. Important questions to answer today well-known coach in the city of Rivne Andreychuk Alexander.


What would you recommend lean that do not have excess weight, but have the desire to provide the body?

just Want to say guys that after 30 years of slow metabolism and the person begins to gain a little bit weight. A lot of guys 18-20 years old just want to get better. Must be specially made program for people individual food, the resting phase. Thin people generally, I like active lifestyle: play tennis, volleyball, soccer, which leads to rapid burning of calories. So life need to make adjustments and if to send all to normal - you'll start to see results. By the way, if you are interested , more information can be found on the website:


what time of day it is better to do?

This is, again, individually. There are people larks and owls . People who get up in the morning and feel a burst of energy - you can train in the morning. There are people who like to indulge in lunch or afternoon time.


What rules should be followed daily to feel healthy and look good?

Personally gives me strength and inspiration such a simple question - what can I leave behind? When I ask myself, today I want to do more than I did yesterday, or to do something I have not done. Rising in the morning, if a believer, to pray and to adjust themselves to the fact that all goes well today, and most importantly - to set a goal and go for it.


If there is no opportunity daily to visit the gym, which will give the setup for practicing at home?

In summer you have to wear a tracksuit to go to the stadium or walk in the Park fast sports gait. If a person has problems with the spine is the most best option, because you can not run in order not to stress the spine and, very importantly, the knee joints.

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